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Metal silicon suitable for the industry

Detailed Description

Metal silicon is also called silicon or silicon, originally belonging to the chemical industry, then the National Bureau of statistics will be classed as ferroalloy industry. Metal silicon suitable for what industry, metal silicon to buy is mainly divided into 3 sectors: first, the organic silicon industry. Two, single crystal, polycrystalline silicon industry (but this industry has a lot to buy trichlorosilane, trichlorosilane is single crystal, polycrystalline industry upstream, but also with silicon metal production. Three, smelting industry. Other industries, the amount is relatively small, the general situation is not directly buy, but to buy other manufacturers to process out of the deputy powder. The use of silicon metal: silicon metal is silicon industrial purification, mainly used in the production of organic silicon, semiconductor materials for preparing high purity and preparation of special purpose alloy etc.. One, the production of silicone rubber, silicone resin, silicone oil, silicone Silicone rubber, good flexibility, high temperature, for the production of medical supplies, high temperature resistant gasket, etc.. Silicone resin for the production of insulating paint, high temperature paint, etc.. Silicone oil is an oil, its viscosity is affected by temperature is very small, for the production of advanced lubricants, polishing agent, fluid spring, dielectric liquid, and also can be processed into colorless transparent liquid, as waterproof agent is sprayed on the surface of the building. Two, high purity silicon is an important semiconductor material The incorporation of IIIA trace elements in silicon, the formation of P type silicon semiconductor; the incorporation of the VA elements trace, forming a semiconductor P type and N type together, it can be made into solar cells, the radiation energy into electrical energy. In the development of energy sources is a promising material. Three, metal ceramics, the important material of the universe navigation Sintered ceramic and metal mixture, made of metal ceramic composite materials, it is high temperature resistant, toughness, can be cut, both metal and ceramic inherited their advantages and make up the defects of the two. Can be used in military weapons first space shuttle "Columbia" can withstand the high temperature high speed through the dense the atmosphere generated by friction, thanks to its thirty-one thousand piece of silicon tile spliced into shell. Silicon metal is also suitable for many other lines, here is not to enumerate the.

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