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Ministry of strengthening the iron alloy, electrolytic manganese metal production enterprise bulletin management

Detailed Description

According to the Ministry website 29 news, for the good and the basis of the joint iron alloy, carry out the original access conditions for electrolytic manganese production enterprises access announcement management, guide and promote the "13th Five-Year" period of iron alloy, electrolytic manganese metal industry energy-saving emission reduction, restructuring and upgrading, the general office of the Ministry issued a notice on further strengthen the electrolytic manganese production enterprises, the management of ferroalloy announcement. Notice clear, from 2016 onwards, the Ministry will be in accordance with the requirements of the specification and announcement management approach, the admissibility of iron alloy, electrolytic manganese metal production enterprises notice application, the implementation of standardized management. On 2016 before the announcement of the enterprise, the implementation of dynamic regulation, the relevant requirements are as follows: 1 ferrosilicon, industrial silicon, silicon manganese alloy, high carbon ferromanganese, high carbon ferrochrome and other varieties of ferroalloy enterprises and electrolytic manganese enterprises to increase the technological transformation efforts, by the end of 2018 (the old revolutionary base areas, ethnic minority areas, border areas and poverty area before the end of 2020 to fully meet the requirements of specification). For example, ferroalloy enterprises to improve comprehensive utilization of waste heat and gas facilities, electrolytic manganese enterprises should pay close attention to improve the mist absorbing device etc.. 2 other varieties of ferroalloy enterprises, specification conditions and announcement management approach has clearly no longer included in the scope of management, will be revoked before the end of 2018, the qualification of the enterprise has been announced before.

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