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2015 fluorine silicon industry exchange meeting was held successfully

Detailed Description

in the new network in August 30~31, with "innovation, integration, sustainable development" as the theme of the 2015 synthetic resin and special chemical new materials and high level summit held in Shanghai. Pan Aihua, deputy director of the division of raw materials the State Ministry published a report entitled "the future development of new chemical materials of the national industrial policy speech," Chinese id= oil "color:red (8.47 < span," style= "color:red;" >0.05 0.59% ) and Chemical Industry Association vice president and Secretary General Zhao Jungui with the current industrial situation expounds the importance and necessity of development of integration of new chemical materials industry. At the same time, China fluorine silicon organic material industry association 2015 fluorine silicon industry conference held smoothly.

The fluoride silicon industry conference by the China fluorine silicon organic material industry association secretary general Zhang Jianjun, chairman of the association Cao Xianjun, honorary chairman Yue Rundong attended the meeting. From the World Association of Chinese, silicone and silicone material industry, well-known enterprises and research institutions of Zhejiang Province Research Institute of chemical industry, silicon technology "quote_sz300019" > (<span id= 9.050 span style= "," color:red >0.50, "style= 5.85%; "on behalf of ), Dongyue Group, 100080, organosilicon compounds and materials engineering research center of Ministry of education, Zhejiang University of Technology and other units shared a wonderful view, the industry situation and development trend are discussed.

Chengdu Guibao science and technology chairman Wang Yuelin combine their experience to share thoughts and practice into the ISO, introduced to the delegates as the international standard project leader in sealant with international standard of nanometer calcium carbonate formulation, and some participate in the formulation of international standards in developed countries by virtue of its advanced technology and preemptive opportunity to developed a series of standards, used to open up the market and seize the high ground in the lead, leading industry and technology. China enterprises should actively go out, the level of technology and product characteristics of show business, to compete with international counterparts, improve the understanding of the products.

The influence of the Stockholm Convention on organic silicon industry was introduced by the representative of the world organic silicon Association. Zhang Jianjun, Dean of Zhejiang Institute of chemical industry, analyzed the domestic and foreign policy of ODS alternatives and the development trend of alternatives. Director China silicone material industry technology Mei Shengfang detailed and in-depth analysis of the status quo of international performance fluorine silicon industry, the industry pointed out that the current development challenges, hope the enterprises to actively respond to find a way out.

China fluorine silicon organic material industry association, deputy director of the research center of organic silicon compounds and Materials Engineering Research Center Director Liao Jun, to promote the integration of organic silicon materials technology and applications. Liao Jun said, the value chain of China's organic silicon industry is the industry chain is not complete, the small scale industries; low value chain, weak competitiveness and other issues, silicone material extends to the downstream technology is an inevitable trend. Therefore, the silicone industry out of the plight of the application must be looked at, walk down, the product line (industrial chain) design, so that the downstream product variety is enough, the performance is good enough, the application is wide enough.

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