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Metal silicon one week market review (10.19-10.23)

Detailed Description

A weekly review: Weak stable silicon metal market this week, all varieties have a slight decline, by the end of October 23rd, Whampoa  port metal silicon mainstream spot price for 10200-10400 yuan / ton, compared with the beginning of the week fell 50 yuan / ton, Kunming spot 553 oxygen mainstream price 10350-10400 yuan / ton, and yesterday fell 25 yuan / ton 551, the mainstream silicon metal spot price for 10300-10400 yuan / ton, compared with the beginning of the week fell 50 yuan / ton. After chemical grade silicon metal in maintaining nearly a month of stability, again showing weakening trend, Tianjin port 421 silicon metal spot price for 11750-11800 yuan / ton, 411 silicon metal spot price for 11850-11900 yuan / ton, two brands a week Chujun below 50 yuan / ton, a weaker trend fade! While the South has entered the normal water period, many also price flow period, due to the price increase and shutdown maintenance costs are increasing, but the producers know the production after production, supply will not increase, market outlook will be how to become a variable, most factories in recent period or before the dry season coming up production inventory, sales to prepare during the dry season, the contradiction between supply and demand still, which is mainly caused by the recent decline in the price of. Xinjiang due to the price advantage throughout the year to maintain high operating rate so that the chemical grade silicon metal supply market is still huge, after quantitative procurement before the downstream automotive industry instead of purchasing, inquire price fell, and the export of repeated foreign anti-dumping protection policy of exports last year have different degrees of decline in many circumstances, chemical grade silicon metal weakness is also reasonable!  

Start aspect: 10 months late, many have flat price execution water period, part of the shutdown for maintenance has increased, which occurs only in the small factory, and compared with the manufacturers, mostly in speeding up the production inventory, the Yunnan area is almost in its production, construction is still very full; Sichuan area of Ya'an city has asbestos start price flow period, other areas of electricity is under discussion, the majority of local silicon factory have indicated that they would stop; at the same time, part of the manufacturers in Chongqing under government pressure again to resume production, may to some extent alleviate the large area of the late Sichuan silicon factory after the shutdown of the supply shortage. Transaction aspect: Metal silicon market this week, the performance of the signs of the transfer price. Although the pre silicon metal has a period of rebound, low grade silicon metal prices also increased, but it was only temporary and follow the trend of centralized purchasing trader caused by real demand has not increased, while showing weakness, according to MYyouse data show that the aluminum alloy spot prices have continued to decline, Shanghai in Aluminum Alloy ingot decline even reached 250 yuan / ton, dismal market prices also led to plant operating rate is not high, in addition, the market of silicone, milling is still weak, while exports in November December, said foreign indicators have been executed, we asked the price of scanty demand is still not high. The factory due to higher prices, the recent increase in the near future shows a higher turnover intention, but the overall demand in general, so that the price is also reasonable to go. Forecast: Next week is the last week of the month after next week will enter November, before the arrival of dry season there will be some factories still pay close attention to production, the case of oversupply of silicon metal prices will continue to weaken.

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